This range has been created by Permaflex in collaboration with important Research Centres. Proficiencies of rated professional people, such as Dr. Pozzo (scientific advisor for sport federations and other corporations operating on motor activities) and Mr. Mies (researcher and developer of HERS technology, Human Energy Recovery System) were fundamental for the implementation of the Vigor devices (that are based on the FIR properties).
The support and experience of the known Prof. Testa (father of numerous patents, collaborator of the National Football Team, counsellor of first-rate companies such as Ferrari, Lotto, as well as researcher for FIFA) were precious to find the right technical solutions to the postural, muscular and joint’s problems, availing him of specific studies which aims for their resolution that allowed to prepare the VIGOR’s range products. From this philosophy are born for the Hotel Range the models: DIVINE VIGOR and CHARME VIGOR.

One of the Permaflex biggest innovations is the introduction of VIGOR, a device that is based on the F.I.R. technology. This initials are the acronym of Far Infrared Ray (the Italian translation would be “raggio infrarosso lontano”). It is about the spectrum of the sunlight that is absorbed by our body, they are invisible energy waves which can sink in the most internal areas of the tissues, muscles and bones. Our hands, our bodies and the sun always issue this kind of infrared rays. The Fir technology simply and naturally increases the heat. During the sleep the FIR material is activated by the human heat and it reflexes FIR energy that is absorbed by human cells, triggering a physical phenomenon called “resonance”. So, the cell activities are immediately stimulated, with a sequential best blood circulation and a general improvement of metabolism.

Studies and issues concerning benefits of some therapies exploiting FIR are now untold. To implement this technology on our mattresses, the Permaflex Research and Development Centre has made use of professional people with years of experience in the research of the kinematic, dynamic and neuromuscular of deambulation and motility aspects; in the valuation of postural and ergonomic aspects in sports and not.
In collaboration with Dr. Pozzo and Mr. Mies, have been conducted many studies about various aspects of the FIR technology (on which VIGOR is based).

Charme Vigor

Divine Vigor

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