The indipendent springs created by the Permaflex Research and Development Centre represent a unique technological innovation for the correct balance between support and comfort, as well as being long-lasting due to the quality of steel wire that consists of. Each spring posted individually in a fabric bag, it compresses only when your body exerts pressure on it, following the natural curvature of the spine, adapting perfectly to every single part of the body and giving a pleasant feeling of comfort. The independent springs with differentiated zones allow to vary the degree of stiffness of the support in an appropriate and personalized way, giving more softness in the shoulders and legs area and more support in lumbar area.
This allows to improve blood circulation, to relieve cervical inflammation and the continuous nocturnal position changes, giving a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, not disturbed by frequent micro-awakenings, which let a sensation of weaken and widespread malaise.









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